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Devantier Vintage – Denmark

Team Snoop-Around had a brief moment of working from two different countries, and that is why we decided to work on this interview together, Nanna Dís portraying the visuals from Denmark, and me meeting up with the wonderful Anna Devantier who runs her vintage store in Copenhagen on Skype. We wanted to know a little bit more about Anna, and her collective choices for the pieces sold in the store.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_03©NannaDís2013

How was it for you growing up in Denmark, fashion wise?

I had a very common style in that sense when I was a teenager, I wore oversized lumberjack shirts and this of course was the time of the grunge era. When I went to the University it changed a bit for me, and I started to be more out there as of being independent in my style. I wore eveningwear and bohemian outfits to school in the daytime and stuff like that. I have always read a lot of fashion magazines like British Vogue, so fashion has always been my interest.

How is your style now?

I have been through various different styles through my life but now I am wearing a lot of black. I don’t think I am representing my store all the time of course, but I am driven by my passion for fashion. I hand pick everything in the store and each piece is chosen with the elements of contemporary design, wearability and quality. This is what vintage is for me; vintage is to be worn in a modern way.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_09©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_04©NannaDís2013

What has influenced you, have you travelled the world?

Yes, you could say that I have travelled the world, or at least a part of it. I was studying Hebrew and Middle Eastern studies so I travelled alot to Israel and Palestine for example. I have been to all sorts of markets and I sometimes I buy items for the shop. It is very important for me to be on the lookout wherever I go and it has developed my passion for vintage clothing a lot. It’s nice to see a piece from Yves Saint Laurent in foreign countries that are very different from the Western world in terms of culture and living standards, but still have rare items available in stores or markets. Fashion can be global in that way.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_05©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_06©NannaDís2013

It’s nice to see that fashion goes in circles, what can you tell me about that?

The difference is that second hand, is not necessarily vintage. Vintage clothes are monuments from designers from the past, exquisite pieces of art and design that we in the Vintage business want to give life again by making them available at reasonable prizes for people to wear. Some vintage pieces have never been worn, so in this way they also differ from the second hand concept. We offer an extensive collection of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories that span the entire 20th century, pretty much!

You also have other items in the store that are not clothing?

Yes, we have all kinds of different things, for example we sell books about Fashion, photography and design. I have educated myself a lot through reading fashion magazines and books throughout my life, and incorporate my passion for this in the store. You never know what to expect in Devantier Vintage. Every visit should be about surprise and inspiration.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_013©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_08©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_07©NannaDís2013

What about the sizes of the pieces, is that a problem?

We have all sizes in the store, from the smallest sizes to around size 42. But of course it’s difficult if you see your dream item, but it’s not in your size. The same goes for shoes and other things that do not necessarily fit. But when you are lucky, and everything fits, it’s an extra special moment for people to buy their dream piece.

Where does the name for the store come from?

The name Devantier Vintage comes from my family name. My intention has always been that it should reflect my personal sense of style and fashion.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_011©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_010©NannaDís2013

How do you like to be online, do you communicate a lot with your customers for example on your Facebook page?

Yes, it is very necessary and an inspiration to communicate with people online. We also have an online store, so we are not bound by our location necessarily. It is great in the modern day to photograph the items sold in the store. This way people can immediately see online what new items we get in the store, before they come and try things out. We also offer a Newsletter for our enthusiasts, so people know when we get rare things in the shop.

Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_02©NannaDís2013
Devantier Vintage_Copenhagen_01©NannaDís2013

It was great to speak with Anna on Skype, actually this is team Snoop-Around first online interview. It had its up and downs, since the recording program shut down midway through, but it was a great experience that the team will think abut doing in the future if its members are in different locations. She is a true enthusiast about fashion and vintage so its nice to pop by the shop and talk to her in person about the items sold in the store.

We encourage all to visit the shop if ever in Copenhagen, here you can find it on a MAP
- and the store is open Tue- Fri from 11:00 am – 06:00 pm and on Saturdays from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Online store
Facebook page

Interview: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photographs: Nanna Dís