New changes on our website

We’d like to congratulate Vík Prjónsdóttir, who won in our category Designer of the Year for the Nordic Start Up Awards, we are very honoured to have been nominated.

The Snoop-Around team is interested in expanding its operations in the Nordic countries in the future, so we just say, on with Nordic Start up Awards, maybe we will win next time around!

At this juncture we wanted to mention a few changes on our website, now the reader can filter the content, such as articles that have appeared in Grapevine or specific events that we have covered. We have added a new page: MISC there we follow up on interesting things, happenings and events in Iceland, all from interviewing people for a short review up to covering events and festivals from a-z.

Sincerely, your Snoop-Around team.

Nordic Startup Awards

Snoop-Around is now a finalist nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards, which has the main purpose to consolidate the Scandinavian scene on the map, as a great innovation center in Europe. We are now competing in the top three finals, for designer of the year awards. Winning companies and startups of each category will then compete at the grand finale in Copenhagen in December 2012, where the Nordic countries will be competing to be crowned startup kings and queens of the Nordic region.

We are thankful for the attention, the voters who chose us and ultimately being a finalist and now we wait for the results, that will be announced very soon. We will keep you updated, our dear readers. Go Snoop-Around, Scandinavian style!

Hand plays

The visual artist Marc Ferrante is an interesting up and coming artist, has throughout the years made projects out of 100 X-rays of the hand that he made with the help of radiologist, surgeons and X-ray technicians, puppeteers, dancers, magicians, shadow- puppetry artists. The images are digital prints printed displayed on stainless steel light boxes. He intends to point out that the X-ray is portraying the vibrant complexity of the being, and are initially complex, while one looks at the concept of “the self”.

Shadow play series
One of his first series was an X-ray practice, similar to a cave where the forms turn into shadows on a wall, which is a reminder of radiologists experience, since they are led to check negatives on what will be X-rayed.

mephisto, devil

Objects theatre series
Here the artist Ferrante focused on the relationship of values by playing with stereotypes, cultural conventions by comparing different types of images that can be interpreted with a medical, folkloric or archaic focus. Many of the images in his series are made by collaboration with other artists, for example from the theatre.

chripata 02

Hand dancing series
The dances of hands are a portrait of the hands ability to grasp the void or time, simulating the analysis of movements. His intention was to refer to the movement of dancers rituals to reparative moves.

Danse, dph 01

Modified presence series
Here the artist experiments with mixing up recent technologies, inspired by Méliès, Moholy-Nagy and many other, wanting to disturb the usual perceptive constraints brought about by standardized readings, photography, 3D imaging and so forth.

Peau 01, skin 01 (sloughing)

Skin series
The skin is the most notable missing constituent re-emerges in this series to add sensuality.
Skin and bones superimpose then split in paradoxical spaces that no software or digital medical equipment has been able to generate so far. It is clear that there are several relative levels of transparency and that the X-ray photograph has been used at a high level of opacity.

Transparente 07, transparent skin (without bone) 07

Ergon series
In this series the artist materialized the vacuum between two hands, by X-raying the things the machines can normally not catch. Radiography is here a matter of sculpture, portraying the third dimension.

Ergon 08

Be sure to learn more about the visual artist Marc Ferrante,
based in Strasbourg.

VODUN – trying to grasp the ungraspable

‘VODUN – trying to grasp the ungraspable’
Reportage by Frederic Vanwalleghem

The town of Ouidah – Benin is the spiritual capital of Vodun in West Africa. Vodun is their national religion. Presently there are an estimated 50 million worshippers worldwide. An important aspect of the religion is spirit possession, through which the spirits speak to the devotees only for a short time during the ceremonies. This trance mechanism is a way to heal and get advice about daily matters. From a western point of view, Vodun is seen as mystique religion often associated with black magic, giving way to much misunderstanding.

I lived with the ‘Hounongan Zanzan Zinho Kledjé’ family who adheres the Gambada fetish or the serpent spirit, the basis of the well-known Damballah cult in Haïti. In Vodun and related African diasporic traditions a primordial way to obtain a spiritual experience is by being possessed by the Iwa or spirit. Through spirit possession the devotee and cult spirit become one. The members seem to immerse themselves in a hypnotic trance until one of the spirits starts to inhabit a body. Especially during possession, the identity of the spirit is clearly discernible. A silent and quiet person may become flamboyant and dramatic, dancing with grand gestures.

I was fortunate to encounter and document this intense experience. During a ceremony I witnessed the individual trance of two devotees. The numerous uncontrollable muscle spasms, vocalizations and peculiar eye gazes showed me this was an unfeigned event.

Link to the complete essay :

Frederic Vanwalleghem, photographer/visual artist, who is from Belgium
also shot these two beautiful photo essays in Iceland, be sure to check them out:

Verid thid blessadir Islendingar
Making space

Grand opening of a pop-up museum in Háskólatorg

Museology students at the University of Iceland have arranged a Pop-Up Museum to celebrate the International Museum Day on Friday the 18th of May. The museum will pop up at Háskólatorg – University Square between 14.00 and 16.00. The theme is HOLIDAYS, because summer is around the corner.

We met with Edda Björnsdóttir, one of the museum´s director, for a quick chat.

When did you start in museum studies, and how did this event come about?

When I started to study museum studies, well this is my second semester, I felt this was an eye opener. The museums are full of stuff and there storage rooms are filling up with things that people don’t even know that exist. It is therefore many options for different kinds of exhibitions and in visual mediating, concerning these things with technological era that we live in.

I am an active member of the museum studies student council. We where browsing the ICOM webpage the other day, and found out that the International museum day was coming up May 18th this year. The theme is Museums in a Changing World, new challenges, new inspirations, which is very appropriate for the time being.

So, you decided to create this museum of “pop-up museum” because of this?

Yes, actually we did. We thought that this kind of museum would suit this theme very well, especially because of its form and medium. Well maybe I should explain in more detail what our museum is all about right?

Yes that would be excellent!

Well, its about giving people a platform to bring things and/or memories to us, to this temporary Pop-Up event, to talk about their memories that are connected to the things they bring or see at the event. A Pop- Up museum is a museum that emerges only for a short while and attends temporarily to its museum obligations. What sets Pop-Up museums apart from classic museums is that they relay entirely upon the guests participation, they form a platform for people to share memories and they do not have a material collection. At a Pop-Up museum people are invited to show and tell about an object relating to the museum’s theme. This way the Pop-Up museum creates a space where trivial objects gain value through the owner’s personal presentation, amongst other objects and presentations. After the Pop-Up museum, the owners take their objects back home, leaving the presentations and photographs of the objects as the only things that can become a collection. These will be made accessible at the museum’s

So, anything else you´d like to add?

Visual anthropology students take part in this event by launching a website that collects the course’s final project. Showing the videos is both the peak and closure of the studying process, and marks the beginning of the summer HOLIDAYS for the students. A final project such as this one gave the students a cherished HOLIDAY (or a brake) from traditional school-projects.


Here are a few photos from the grand opening

Interview/photographs: Ása Baldursdóttir

A great cinematic day, hot tubs and a lobster fiesta!

We followed the Shorts&Docs crew on the road, rigging up today´s screenings, having a lot of fun at the ever so great cinema at Sindrabær, Höfn. The films were versatile and great, we saw Icelandic shorts, polish shorts, documentaries and more, a great selection from the four day festival held in Reykjavík prior. We went out and about, stopping at Kaffihornið for an interview and a deep-fried hot dog, drove by the ever so great hot tubs under the Hoffell glacier and then got the privilege too see the former presidential car, located at Bessastaðir.

The crew then invited us to eat lobster at Humarhöfnin where we were served hilariously and very handy bibs, with lobsters on them. They had whole lobsters for us to enjoy for dinner, with instructions on how to eat, with a splendid balsamic edik, bread, salat and home grown spices to go with. This was the best day ever, follow us for a full blown article in Grapevine coverage that will be published soon.

Nanna Dís, Ása, Þórður, Heather & Brynja Dögg

Words: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photos: Nanna Dís


With the Shorts&Docs on the road in Höfn!

We decided to go on the road with Reykjavík Shorts&Docs to Höfn í Hornafirði, in the southeast, having a great time, with the wonderful staff of the festival. We are currently covering the festival for Reykjavik Grapevine, and we hope to experience a splendid time, watching movies, going to museums and walking around in this lobster based wonder town. Stay tuned!

Photos: Nanna Dís

Sig Vicious – graphic world

Snoop-Around team dropped by graphic designer Sig Vicious apartment,
to learn more about his digital graphic world, popular culture icons,
EVE-online spaceships attacking Reykjavík, and record covers that he
creates. His designs are multi-layered and interesting to us, so stay
tuned for a full blown interview later on.

Here you can check out his work on: