A great cinematic day, hot tubs and a lobster fiesta!

We followed the Shorts&Docs crew on the road, rigging up today´s screenings, having a lot of fun at the ever so great cinema at Sindrabær, Höfn. The films were versatile and great, we saw Icelandic shorts, polish shorts, documentaries and more, a great selection from the four day festival held in Reykjavík prior. We went out and about, stopping at Kaffihornið for an interview and a deep-fried hot dog, drove by the ever so great hot tubs under the Hoffell glacier and then got the privilege too see the former presidential car, located at Bessastaðir.

The crew then invited us to eat lobster at Humarhöfnin where we were served hilariously and very handy bibs, with lobsters on them. They had whole lobsters for us to enjoy for dinner, with instructions on how to eat, with a splendid balsamic edik, bread, salat and home grown spices to go with. This was the best day ever, follow us for a full blown article in Grapevine coverage that will be published soon.

Nanna Dís, Ása, Þórður, Heather & Brynja Dögg

Words: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photos: Nanna Dís