crowd-funds Taktabrot crowd-funds the publishing of the Poster book Taktabrot

They have been active for 12 years in event control, radio programming- and website management. The people behind are now collecting funds to publish a book with posters, flyers and other printed material from the years 2000-2012. The concept of crowd-funding is about financing various projects through the Internet. Instead of looking for a bank or other sources it’s all about raising money for specific projects through many small donations. Funding will be accepted the whole month of February.

Here is a video presentation of the project:

Music: Subminimal
Video & Editing: Arnar Valdimarsson

Further information about the book
The book Taktabrot will include nearly one hundred posters, authored by sixty national and international designers and artists. All these posters decorated Reykjavík streets and walls of shops, schools and restaurants in this twelve-year period, as advertisements for events held by

The posters are various, fun, innovative and exciting and have been nominated for many awards, appeared in numerous magazines and books, both domestically and internationally. They are also sources about the Icelandic dance-music scene for the last decade. The book-release party will be held on Saturday 24th March this year.

To help them out, go here: offers three support packages:

* Those who support the project by 1.000 kronas (ISK) or more get their names on a special support page in the book and on the web.

* Those who support the project of 3.500 kronas (ISK) or more get a copy of the book when it releases.

* Those who support the project for 5.000 kronas (ISK) or more get a ticket to the book-release party, 24th March this year. breakbeat music and culture in Iceland, especially drum & bass, jungle and dubstep music.