EVE online fanfest 2012 – #Day 1 mini interviews

Name: Bryanna
Status: Casual player

How long have you been playing the game?

Over a year now…?

What does the game bring to you?

Well I mostly just salvage, I started as a mining person but then I wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend who is here as well, and was on the alliance panel tonight. I’m not a killing type of person so I salvage.

Is it a different sort of game in that its not all about killing and
that it provides other stimuli then say your regular shooter?

I got on my first kill the other day, I don’t like the killing part, that´s not for me, hah I’m probably not the best person to talk to because I’m a care bear kind or person.

How much time do you recon you spend on playing a week?

A couple of hours or so, once or twice a week cause they live in wormhole space, so when ever they go out on PVE ops I just clear up behind them and that´s pretty much the only time I play.

Do you play any other games?

I play League of Legends and Minecraft

Just quickly, so I don’t detain you to long, when did you arrive?

We got here this morning, well ahh we left last night and got here this morning.

I’m guessing you come form the States, the scenery must be a bit different?

It’s very barren, loads of rocks.

You determined to have a good time?

Yes, it was my first plain trip, and we are going out for a drink afterwards and that will be my first one as well.

Name: Anne Walsh, DEV name Alice
Status: CCP staff member

Where about are you from?

I’m from Ireland.

So your a CCP employee?

Yes, I work at the Reykjavík headquarters, in the web development department. We do all the EVE websites and basically what ever website, web-products CCP as a whole needs.

So for the layman, that is information technology and
website maintenance?

Yeah, we cover everything really, we do the marketing aspect, so explaining EVE as a game to new audiences and kind of introducing to them what the game is. We also cater to current players, so we have a lot of community related websites, that allow players to manage their accounts and talk to each other on forums, or access certain information from the game. So we cover the whole broad spectrum.

Would that include wiki’s and such?

Yeah we do, we have a wiki and a lot of player generated content there and we have a great fiction portal on there so we have the entire backstory of the Eve universe, its all detailed in there. Lots of information!

From the outside at least there seams to be a great
interplay between players and team members?

Very much so, the forums are always alive with conversation, players talking to each other about what they do in EVE and what they want to do. Yes their gripes and everything, so the developers form EVE are there talking to the players, answering they’re questions. We also do a lot of developer blogs, so basically the stuff they are working on they’ll write a blog about it and then we’re able to get feedback from the community, so yeah we definitely try and have a strong relationship with our costumer.

Brilliant! But have you played the game though?

Yes I have, I’ve been a player since 2005. So I played EVE since well before I started working for CCP, I don’t get to play as much as before and as much as I’d like to but I sill play for sure.

It must be fundamental to have people who care for
the produce working in and around it?

Definitely, and that really helps when we are on the web, cause that is a place that people really need to access information. So understanding the game will help you understand what people really need there, like the wiki’s, forums and the websites that provide information about the game.

At last, what are you most looking forward to over the weekend?

The EVE keynote and the party on Saturday, I’m looking forward to seeing our CCP band, RöXöR playing, It’s going to be great, I really love their sound and the passion that the guy’s put into it, I can’t wait to see them on stage!


Interview: Guðni Rúnar Jónasson
Photographs: Ása Baldursdóttir