The dance/concert/play Glymskrattinn is the creation of Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and Sigríður Soffía Níelsdóttir, dancers and choreographers alongside with Valdimar Jóhannson musician. We took a sneak peak into practice and met up with Melkorka to learn a little more.

Neon Chameleon by Glymskrattinn

How did this piece come about, this is a blend of dance, music and theater?

Yes it is. Sigríður Soffía and me met in Brussels where we were studying, and since then we always wanted to work together. When it finally happened we had a common interest of doing something like this and a clear starting point. We wanted to compose a piece in which music and dance would both get room, neither would be in the foreground, but both equally elements in our creation. The result is the dance/concert piece Glymskrattinn.

The name Glymskrattinn (Jukebox) is a reference to all the music styles we are working with, you insert a coin to the jukebox and you never know what you are going to experience and that is also what’s so exciting. We try to work with stereotypes of different music styles, such as pop, disco, rap and ballads and add a new twist to the songs. We add choreography, exaggeration or reduction from the clichés to create a joyful cabaret, full of humor, singing and dancing. We have partnered up with our music man Valdimar Jóhannsson from the Icelandic band Reykjavík! and Lazyblood, Brynja Björnsdóttir set designer and Ellen Loftsdóttir stylists and together we have worked to create this show that will take place in the National Theatre. The exhibition is sponsored by Evrópa Unga Fólksins, in cooperation with the National Theatre on the Reykjavik Arts Festival.

You have been writing songs, what can you tell me about it? Are you musicians?

We are not musicians in that sense that is we are not trained musicians. Sigríður Soffía played piano for 8 years and I play the Ukulele. On the other hand, we have both sung a lot. Sigríður Soffía sang one of the lead roles in the opera Red Waters last fall in France and Melkorka is singing in a traveling exhibition of performing arts with the band John the Houseband.

Valdimar however is an educated musician; we have created ten brand new songs for this show so we hope that the audience can go dancing and singing into the night afterwards.

What is your background as dancers and what can you tell me about your artistic approach to the piece?

Sigríður Soffía graduated from the Iceland Academy in 2009 and has since worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She dances with several groups, including Shalala, the Icelandic Dance Company, DF-Krummi and performance group Bristol Cava Ninja Crew.

Melkorka learned choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and contemporary dance at PARTS in Brussels, 2006-2010. Since graduation she has worked with Motion Development group (Group Collective), John the Houseband and Belgian Dance Company Ultima Vez.

In this show, we will try to combine different aspects of performing arts, such as dance and music but also the lights and sounds play a major role. The idea is that the audience could come to a concert, listen to different tracks and see the spectacular in the way. In the piece we seek to combine songs and dance in perfect balance. All in all this is heading in a very colorful and entertaining show, we have to double all the technical equipment in the National Theatre and are working with excellent technicians. Ellen Loftsdóttir is doing the costumes that are very funny and Brynja Björnsdóttir, the set designer is equipped to do a lot of great things in the space of the National Theatre.

Broken by Glymskrattinn

Where, when and what? How many shows will there be?

We will allow the audience to judge what will be most surprising in the Glymskrattinn. However, we can reveal that up to the last song in our show combines disco and dubstep in a very innovative way. So praise the excellent dose of glitter and confettis, neon lighting and lazer shows.

There will be four screenings, on Wednesday 20:00 o’clock, after which May 25th May 1st and June 2nd at. 22:30. It is therefore ideal for people going out to dinner or to celebrate before and then go to a concert and spectacular dance show in the National Theatre!

Where can one get tickets?

You can buy tickets at through the website Arts Festival, the website of the National Theatre, phone: 551-1200. It is sold out for the premiere, so we encourage people to buy tickets.


Interview: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photographs: Nanna Dís