Hand plays

The visual artist Marc Ferrante is an interesting up and coming artist, has throughout the years made projects out of 100 X-rays of the hand that he made with the help of radiologist, surgeons and X-ray technicians, puppeteers, dancers, magicians, shadow- puppetry artists. The images are digital prints printed displayed on stainless steel light boxes. He intends to point out that the X-ray is portraying the vibrant complexity of the being, and are initially complex, while one looks at the concept of “the self”.

Shadow play series
One of his first series was an X-ray practice, similar to a cave where the forms turn into shadows on a wall, which is a reminder of radiologists experience, since they are led to check negatives on what will be X-rayed.

mephisto, devil

Objects theatre series
Here the artist Ferrante focused on the relationship of values by playing with stereotypes, cultural conventions by comparing different types of images that can be interpreted with a medical, folkloric or archaic focus. Many of the images in his series are made by collaboration with other artists, for example from the theatre.

chripata 02

Hand dancing series
The dances of hands are a portrait of the hands ability to grasp the void or time, simulating the analysis of movements. His intention was to refer to the movement of dancers rituals to reparative moves.

Danse, dph 01

Modified presence series
Here the artist experiments with mixing up recent technologies, inspired by Méliès, Moholy-Nagy and many other, wanting to disturb the usual perceptive constraints brought about by standardized readings, photography, 3D imaging and so forth.

Peau 01, skin 01 (sloughing)

Skin series
The skin is the most notable missing constituent re-emerges in this series to add sensuality.
Skin and bones superimpose then split in paradoxical spaces that no software or digital medical equipment has been able to generate so far. It is clear that there are several relative levels of transparency and that the X-ray photograph has been used at a high level of opacity.

Transparente 07, transparent skin (without bone) 07

Ergon series
In this series the artist materialized the vacuum between two hands, by X-raying the things the machines can normally not catch. Radiography is here a matter of sculpture, portraying the third dimension.

Ergon 08

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based in Strasbourg.