Lucky Records teaser

In Hverfisgata there is a hidden treasure, a record store called Lucky Records, Europe’s best vinyl shop, according to its owner Ingvar Geirsson and his main helper Gestur Baldursson. Ingvar, who once played all around the city as dj Lucky, named the store after his performance name. The store is packed with all sorts of music, the second hand concept and is open both locally and online. The treasures contain of all music styles, Icelandic records, cd´s, computer games, VHS, posters and so on.

One wall in the store is dedicated to Mottumars (the month long effort of the Icelandic Cancer Society for men and cancer), where vinyls with people with moustaches on the cover, are sold with a part profit for the efforts organization.

We got to hear great stories, insides about the business and the customers,
music secrets and much more.

A full blown interview is expected soon.

Hverfisgata 82
101 Reykjavík

Text: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photographs: Nanna Dís