LungA art festival 2012 – #Day 1

The Snoop-Around team was so fortunate to be invited to the LungA Art Festival in the picturesque town of Seyðisfjörður in eastern Iceland.

LungAs mission is to give young people opportunities to explore their artistic abilities and to widen their horizons, be it through workshops, exhibitions, collaborations with working artists or concerts. LungA was founded in 2000 and has been growing year from year.

The workshops run during the week and conclude in final shows on Saturday, which are dotted around town. The workshops cover a wide range of fantastically interesting subjects using mediums such as dance, photography, sound and happenings. Friday is dedicated to independent artists exhibitions and openings and the whole event culminates in big outdoor concerts on Saturday.

Yesterday Snoop-Around attended a fashion exhibition that was located in an abandoned warehouse type of a place at the edge of town. Their five fashion designers had set up installations of their work. We especially liked the installation by Sunna Örlygsdóttir, who had made a surreal oasis with a few potted plants and an oriental rug where four models stood. Sunnas designs where mainly composed of stiff, painted jackets but contrasted by soft pieces underneath.

Upstairs there we found work by Claire de Quénetain, who showed intricately woven pieces made of a foamy sort of a material that was held together by weaving techniques and safety pins. The garments shapes reminded us of a kind of an urban warrior theme, although the garments could be translated to wearable garments or accessories.

Today we will explore Seyðisfjörður some more; the town itself is set in a picturesque fjord at the edge of the east coast of Iceland. The town is surrounded by massive mountains on all sides that make it really cosy and comfortable for those who are not claustrophobic by nature.

Text: Erla Björk
Photographs: Nanna Dís