They say that the cream rises to the top and every once in a while its true. In our regular perusing of the intraweb we came upon Outliers, a project that looks and feels quality.

Behind the project are a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians. Their intent, is to explore the more remote side of the Icelandic countryside and peoples. They intend to document there ventures in there own unique style, drawing on the skill of photographers Tim Navis and Kim Høltermand. Behind them stand the film collective Scenic and the electronic music producer and composer Deru who will create a unique score.

This makes for a mouthwatering prospect as they intent to create a series of short films drawing on their experiences.

To fund the project they are using Kickstarter, the largest funding platform in the world! The website likes to boast. Cheek out their video and their work, you wont be let down and hey you’ve have spent your coin on worse things! Why not be a part of this project and pledge a fiver! Their good for it.

Photos: Tim + Kim
Video: Scenic