Pólýfónía Remixes

Nine remixes of Apparat Organ Quartet’s “Pólýfónía” hit the streets yesterday.

Apparat Organ Quartet is probably the only organ quartet in the world with five members.
They are without a doubt the only one openly admitting to be influenced by Kraftwerk and Mötorhead. In 2011, their second album Pólýfónía received critical acclaim across the board and on the heels of its success Apparat Organ Quartet will release selected remixes from Pólýfónía.

Yesterday, 27th of February, nine remixes from acclaimed collaborators hit the streets presenting interpretations of the Icelandic group’s most successful release so far. The remixers include Dreamtrack, Robotaki, Bloodgroup, FM Belfast, and Reptilicus.

Snoop-Around reccomends this interesting remix release.

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Síríus Alfa (Reptilicus Remix)
Söngur Geimunglingsins (Frederik Schikowski Remix)
Konami (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Cargo Frakt (Beta Satan Shred To Pieces Cover)
123 Forever (Thomas Troelsen Remix)
Konami (FM Belfast Remix)
Konami (Bloodgroup Remix)
123 Forever (Robotaki Remix)
Konami (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound)