Reykjavík Shorts&Docs festival 2012 – We are weather

The Icelandic short film We are weather, is one of many Icelandic shorts that were screened in day two on Reykjavík Shorts&Docs. We sat down with the film makers and the star of the movie for a quick chat and learned that they are all family.

Birgir Hilmarsson, Hera Lind Birgisdóttir & María Kjartansdóttir

Stills from the movie, We are Weather

Birgir: I’m the musician, we call ourselves Open your eyes and listen. The music is mostly ambient, with a blend of alternative and pop. I used a lot of sounds from the environment, and I tried to play with recycling sounds. The nature spoke its language, it’s kinda organic this film.

María: I’m the director; the film evolves around the concept that we are all one; we are all part of the same nature. I thought it was great to approach the Icelandic weather and at the same time experience it because we have been living abroad for the last eight years now so we are happy to be back.

When we arrived back in December we travelled the island in the middle of the winter and decided to document this energy from the nature here. It’s so powerful and it’s great to feel that it’s so much a part of us all.

So your daughter, she is the main star?

María: Everything we do is very “homie”, I shoot the photographs and the videos, she has been in many of our films and Birgir has created the sound worlds for them. The reason for this, is because we are always travelling around and moving, everywhere in rural areas even so we haven’t had many people around us to participate. She has been travelling with us and lived in five different countries with us the last couple of years. The family is very much involved.

Is this the first screening of the film, or has it been around?

María: We premiered the film in London the other day, on a photographic competition screening Ideas Tap Magnum, and it won second prize. It was great fun!

Have you seen a lot of Icelandic shorts on the festival?

Birgir: We saw a few, many of them are touching the issues of the depression here in Iceland, but our film was completely different, a spiritual experimental film. They were great, there are so many that are really well made and shows this growth in film making.

Interview: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photograph: Nanna Dís