Berlinale – the fiesta of films


My first Berlinale. Finally. I have been daydreaming about going to Berlinale for years.
I realized that the schedule is massive and that one has to be super organized in order
to survive this jungle of fantastic films and events.


I started out by wandering around the European Film Market, finally signing up for a panel about the economic situation across Europe, and how its affecting film production, sales and distribution. Representatives from Germany, UK and Spain sat the panel to discuss these topics, and it was really interesting for me, as I have sat several panels about these kinds of issues before, where people just rant on about obvious facts, and nobody wants to jump into the deep end of the pool, being afraid to represent their company in a disorted way.

I managed to agree with all of them in some ways, having a blast listening to their frank outtakes about the situation. One things is for sure, I am even stronger in my opinion on being against piracy for example than I was before. Filmmaking deserves more than that. And we, who work with film, want to strengthen the movie theater experience and we want to build audiences.


Even though my first two days were about meeting people, getting lost in trains, and seeing some films at Berlinale, I think the queer short film program stood out for me, content wise. The short film Ta av mig / Undress me directed by Victor Lindgren (Sweden 2013) was inspirational and honest, funny, witty and modern. How does it feel to hook up with a transgender woman? That´s what I felt like watching the film, and it was confusing, for sure.

Another film from the same program, When I was a boy, I was a girl directed by Ivana Todorovic (Serbia 2013)
was really great as well, showing the family life of a transvestite in Serbia. It was hillarous and realistic in so many ways, so I highly recommend the film.


I will be taking on reviews in my coming posts, about films seen at Berlinale, both documentaries and fictional films.

Words & Photos: Ása Baldursdóttir