EVE online fanfest 2012 – #Day 3

This night, people streamed in to Harpa´s venue for the concert night, fanfest´s last evening.
The guests from fanfest, the staff and regular guests blended well together for a musical feast,
where people took good conversations out on the corridors, while popping in and out the venue
which offered a various bands all through the night.

We met with one of the days speaker out up by the stairs, where the EVE TV had its base through
out the festival, and he told us about his passion in the game, we met with an accessorized guy,
who had been carrying a pineapple out and about, and we filmed a player, wearing home made
pants with blue lights on them.

We had a great time, meeting all this different players and staff, we will always remember how
fun this was and hope to come back next year!

Part 2 of day 3 is coming soon + stay tuned for our exclusive concert/band video,
which will be out here soon too!

Camera: Örvar Ingi
Camera: Sunna Guðrún Pétursdóttir
Interview-editing: Ása Baldursdóttir
Photographs: Nanna Dís