EVE online fanfest 2012 – #Day 2

We started the evening by showing up for the ever so great Battle of the bands event in Harpa,
were gamers showed their skills by playing gamers instruments, hitting the right note giving points
to each player. People then gathered on the ground floor, dividing themselves in to groups to go
on a pub-crawl with DEV´s. We followed group number 2, interviewed a couple of guys, and ended
up dancing the night away at Austur, where all the groups finally got together around midnight.

Kristján Blöndal, the DEV leader for group 2, told us about the concept on camera, and some more
members of the group talked to us about the game, the fanfest and much more.

We are looking forward for tonight, to witness the Party at the top of the World, featuring Röxör
and Permaband, HaZaRHAM and GusGus. See you there!

Brian, the birthday boy in group 2 (pub crawl) gives his fiancé a kiss, minutes before
he chucked a whole pint of beer while listening to his birthday song full throttle.

Camera-editing: Sunna Guðrún Pétursdóttir
Photographs: Nanna Dís
Interview-editing: Ása Baldursdóttir
Interview: Guðni Rúnar Jónasson